Latest Work: TheCableBoy.COM

My Latest Work: TheCableBoy.COM – Affordable, Quality Cables

TheCableBoy.COM powered by WordPress with WooCommerce plugin, A e-Commerce store that provides affordable, quality and reliable computer, electronics, mobile accessories cables for consumers and enterprises. With partnership direct factories, wholesalers, retailers, warehousing fulfillment companies across multiple countries: Singapore, Malaysia, China and United States America.

TheCableBoy.COM utilizes latest technologies to minimize unnecessary actions that causes unproductiveness, delay, mismatch and provide quality customer experience.

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Unruly, Uncivilized, Unethical

Have you encounter Unruly, Uncivilized, Unethical people in your workplace? With today’s unpredictable job market, people would generally hide their dark sides, portray a good image so other coworkers would look up to.

Last week was a terrible week, especially Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Long story short, I feel that I am being abused. Not once but many times of the 7 months I have been working here. 

We are all decently educated,  professionals and definitely humans that make mistakes sometimes. Such hooligan behavior brings bad image to such a large organization. 

If mistakes were made, I will gladly accept the mistakes and learn from the experience, however the cases I am referring to in this post are human ethics rather than mistakes. 

One person ethics reflects its real self and upbringing. Regarding Friday case I hope that lady is not a full time employee as this will be the ultimate disgrace. Such uncivilized behavior is totally unacceptable in such a big and respectable organization.


Motorbike Lessons in Singapore

Last year, I enrolled in Class 2B Motorbike course at Singapore Safety Driving Center (Woodlands Branch). Within a month of enrollment, I have completed theory lessons 1 to 4 and practical lessons 1 and 2, ready for practical lesson 3 part 1. However I stop attending the course due to several distractions. November 2015 till May 2016 was stressful for me, as I attend my first cycle of reservist duties, change of employment and obtain Class 3 car driving license.

During the past year, many people have cautioned and disagree with me of continuing Motorbike lessons as the risks are hard to contain. On September 2016, after analyzing these feedback’s and suggestions, I have decided to forego Motorbike Lessons and awaiting till course expiry on 27 October 2016 to get a refund of my stored value.

However On 05 November 2016, I over-ruled my decision on forgo of Motorbike Lessons, extended my course for another 6 months, paid for defensive theoretical lessons and booked practical lesson 3 part 1 on 19 November 2016. The main reason of overruling was that the time spent on public transport does not justify costs of owning a Motorbike.

Every month I spend an average of $120 on public transportation, this amount does not include taxi rides and other transport options, $150 would be the average amount when other transportation options were added into account. Where else owning a used class 2B motorbike scooter would cost an average of $200 per month.

The average time wasted per day taking public transport would be 1.5 hours. In a month, 45 hours could have been put into better use. Many may argue that, depending on how one utilize time when taking public transport and may not agree that time is totally wasted. 

One key point we all should note that, time in Public Transportation is not that we think of and are limited to what one could do. For example, boarding a crowded train during peak hours, common things commuters would do, take a quick nap, listen to music’s, read eBooks via smart devices, these are limited activities. 

With a Motor Scooter, I could put 45 hours into full utilization for only S$50 additional expenses per month. Assuming I could make $15 per hour, 45 hours would mean revenue of $675. From any investor point of view, this is a worth it investment. Risks involved in riding Motor Bikes can be mitigated by being a safe rider. 

This is a developing story, check back at a later time for full story. 


Conversion of 1010Tech.ASIA Qoo10 Store

Project Status: On-going. 

TheCableBoy.COM will be the new Qoo10 Store replacing it’s predecessor 1010 Technologies & Solutions (1010TECH.Asia) Store. New Qoo10 Store URL has been assigned: https://qoo10.sg/shop/ecableboy with effect from 29 October 2016.

Planned Adjustments

  1. Free SingPost Non Registered Mail Removal. – Completed
    With increasing rates of Non-Registered Mail articles missing, I have decided to remove this service. All items will be converted to SingPost Registered Mail Article which costs additional S$3.50. Shipping charges will only be charged once per cart checkout. Registered Mail Articles provides tracking and insurances. – Learn More @ SingPost.

  2. Item Template – Images Changes.
    These new item template will be re-designed with TheCableBoy.COM Logo Embedded into image.
    – Shipping Information.
    – Delivery Timings.
    – Refund / Exchange Policies.

  3. Low Value Items Combined.
    Low value items <S$1.00 will be combined with a new reasonable price. Low value items need to be combined to provide smart savings as new shipping option – SingPost Registered Mail costs S$3.50. E.G, It will be not worth to purchase an item priced at S$0.49 and pay S$3.50 for shipping.

  4. Planned Restock Information Provided.
    All items will have their planned restock information available. This is made available by partnering with various retailers, wholesalers, ware house fulfillment partners.

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